Most mobile applications are coming up nowadays. Faced with stiff competition from similar applications and with times changing so fast, many of these applications are short lived. They are becoming cliché and most seems like hurriedly created. Depending on your needs, you will look for the application that favors you. There is, however, one mobile application that is fast becoming a global favorite; Skout. They have targeted the largest market in the mobile applications arena and are now reaping the fruits. What with a previous user interaction of 200 million people on the platform and counting! Founded in 2007, the company has taken giant leaps, experiencing exponential growth.

Skout is a company that has helped many travelers connect with acquaintances in their destinations. This is done prior to going there and by meeting on the platform and getting acquainted; the friends can help each other settle down in a different city or country. Skout like instagram has users in over 180 countries and is available in 14 different languages. With over 500 million users, it’s arguably the largest global social networking platform. The co-founder, Christian Wiklund and chief technical officer Nik Lindstrom have not stopped there in there expansion drive. They have launched another promising application, Fuse, a platform that enables users to tweak and customize the interface. The best thing is its off the address functionality. Their cell numbers only identifies users to other users and no profile photos are needed.

It has a high appeal, especially to the young adults seeking to travel to other cities where they may not know anyone. For anyone who has had to travel to a totally new location, they know that it sometimes turns out to be a difficult assignment. Asking around or using maps to get your way around is a thing of the past. Skout users have even reported using the application to plan a whole vacation! Considering the hassles of planning out a vacation in a place you are unfamiliar with, knowing someone in your destination city or country does come in handy. Not only does it make your setting down process smooth but also makes a place more comfortable to be, knowing that you have someone at your beck and call to assist in anything you may be in need of.

Even if you do not plan on visiting, having friends in different cities is the whole essence of social networking. Getting acquainted with different cultures, way of thinking and learning first-hand about other places is not only a great pass time but also broadens your context. It’s interesting to note that Skout is experiencing rapid growth, adding 1.5 million new users per month. Headquartered at San Francisco, the company employs a workforce of 150, working to improve user experience. Since attaining profitability seven months ago, the company has continued its match as a pioneer in this niche market of social networking. The company’s co-founder predicts a bullish run for the company, saying that things can only get better for the now established application.


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