Skout Introduces a New Feature: a Great Tool For Its Users

The most romantic date on the calendar, Valentines, Day, can be quite a lonely time for dating apps and websites. This is because lovers crowd restaurants, shop in boutiques and chocolate shops. This makes matchmaking sites feel like they have become ghost towns.
Despite the Valentine’s Day slump, some of the dating apps have planned planning themed celebrations, events and even great partnerships to help people connect without the Valentine’s Day pressure.

One of these sites is Skout. Skout declared that during Feb. 4 they would have an International Online Friend Day. After a survey, skout discovered that 59 % of Filipinos, 53%of Brits, 48 % of Australians and 46 % of French users are friends with other people who actually live in another country. The survey was conducted among 52,000 respondents from 10 different countries.

The Skout app was originally created as a tool for people who wanted to greatly expand their social circle.Since last year, the company introduced its travel feature last year. Since the introduction of this new feature, over 10 million members have started using it as a method to take virtual journeys with the help of locals in their region they are interested in. Most of those virtual travelers, especially young adults and college students, have started turning those virtual trips into real vacations.In some cases, the users of this app tour a destination with those people they have met through the app.

When this great feature was introduced, it was expected to be used indifferent two ways: to help users who wanted to get new friends in different places and second, as a tool for those users had a trip planned but had no contacts in their destination they were going. The company has achieved a lot of success with both its missions. However, Skout is not exclusively a travel app. The travel feature has only proven to be very popular with young adults who actually want to experience the world and connect with new people from different cities.

Most people are familiar with dating apps, where users can hurriedly go through and prospective dates. Unfortunately, it is likely that your teenagers too might know all about these apps which were mostly designed for adults.

Adults use these apps mostly for both for casual hookups and for scouting out more long-term and permanent relationships, they can be quite dangerous and risky for
the teens. Although most of the apps were not made or intended for them, it’s easy for these savvy teens to sneak to the registration-related age restrictions. These teens pose as adults too.

These teens want to test boundaries with these dating apps. Many are very eager to be equal to their elder counterparts, and the thought of meeting someone new outside their social circle is always exciting. With so much of their social life happening online lately, these teens feel comfortable and happy using apps to meet new people. However, these apps can be quite unsafe for their dating.

Skout Introduces a New Feature: a Great Tool For Its Users

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