Slyce Introduces Scout — Visual Search App

Visual search based shopping and exploring is one of the most exciting new features that is coming to light in 2015. It has been talked about in 2014 but has recently been implemented into the popular social media sites. This allows users to be able to use certain features visually making it easier to see what they are purchasing instead of just imagining what it may be like. There have been studies to show a growth trend in the new ecommerce feature, and has become increasingly popular among various shoppers. Retailers and brands will no longer feel the need to push ads quite as much because they will have a more visual search engine in the ecommerce world of business.

Slyce is a new leading company in the visual search and shopping technology like image recognition on Their leadership team is shaping technology as we speak. They are working hard to ensure that customer engagement is at its all time highest of quality and are setting new standards in the ecommerce world. They are empowering every customer to have the ability to visually search for certain items they’re interested in.

At Slyce, they have worked hard to develop an App called Scout. Scout is your personal savings assistant and it’s built into the app allowing you to save money on anything you’re looking to buy. They will find the coupon for you and you’re able to download it and use it at the store that accepts the coupon. They will also check competitors pricing, and like mentioned before, will check out different stores and get you the best deal. Scout will do all the work for you and sort out which product will work best for what you’re looking for. You type in the field what you’re looking for and Scout will find the product, sometimes taking up to 5 minutes, but will still deliver results. Scott is 100% free, so you can’t go wrong with this new innovative application.

Companies like Slyce will continue to progress through the technology of this new visual feature and produce the best web visual searching techniques available on the market. You can rest assured that Slyce will become as polished as necessary to make the experience for many smooth, easy and visually appealing to the eye as well as very easy and helpful to shoppers all over the world. Slyce is most definitely the worlds complete visual search solution and offers the most intelligent technology for visual search enginee.

Slyce Introduces Scout — Visual Search App

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