Solo Capital Founder Sanjay Shah Talks Business and Philanthropy

The founder of London based financial services firm Solo Capital sat down and had an recent interview. During this interview Sanjay Shah talked about his philanthropic activities along with his business experiences. The main thing Shah discussed was his charitable organization called Autism Rocks. This is an organization that raises awareness and funds research for the neurological condition known as autism. Since his son has been diagnosed with the condition, Sanjay decided to devote a lot of his spare time to finding a way to help discover a cure and eliminate this condition altogether. In order to raise awareness and funds for this cause, Shah decided to hold a concert this year in order to achieve this objective.

While Shah talked about his charitable endeavor, he also talked about his business experiences as well. Since he has experienced much success as a financier, he talked about how he reached his success as well as how to best achieve it. Sanjay gave two main forms of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs to follow. The first recommendation he made is that you must never underestimate the amount of capital and funds you need to both start and operate a business. Shah also stated that you should never assume that you need to do all of the work associated with your business. In other words it will be in your best interest to have other people help you in order to achieve business success.

Sanjay Shah is a successful businessperson who founded the investment firm Solo Capital. The firm specializes in investments and financial services for clients worldwide. Before Sanjay started up his own firm, he worked in the accounting field. However the Great Recession took place and he was out of work. For a while he looked for another job but realized that it was unlikely he would be able to get another job in a timely manner. As a result he decided to found his own financial services firm which complimented his background in accounting. Sanjay built the firm to become one of the most successful in Britain and the entire world. After achieving business success he then decided to devote his time to funding autism research.


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Solo Capital Founder Sanjay Shah Talks Business and Philanthropy

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