Stream Energy Philanthropic Spirit

Stream energy is one of the providers of energy in many homes. This is because the energy is safe to be used at home. It is found in seven states in the United States of America. These states include Pennsylvania, Texas, Maryland, Illinois, Georgia, New Jersey, and Washington DC. It is a company that deals with Multi-level marketing as its major sales agent. The company is responsible for supplying energy and natural gas to their customers and ensures to meet their customers’ needs. The energy rates provided by stream energy vary according to where the customers are located and the amount of energy they use per day.

Stream offers clean energy which is safe for people to use and is non-pollutant. When hurricane Harvey hit, it left so many people hopeless and also filled them with fear. Many people lost their lives and the lucky ones sustained injuries. Hurricane Harvey is quite common in America and leaves victims helpless. Stream has played a great role in healing the wounds of these victims of hurricane Harvey. The aim of the company these victims hence, a charity foundation was formed called stream cares.

The company has cared for the victims for several years now. During the previous hurricane attacks, stream energy company has been of great help to the victims especially in providing funds for them. These funds are used to by materials required for assistance for example blankets and food. Different reports have indicated that stream energy has provided a lot of assistance to the community. The funds got from selling direct energy has been helpful in completing stream cares which have helped the people of Dallas by providing mobile phone plans and virtual doctors.

One of the biggest projects that stream energy has ever been involved in was the Texas tornado in 2016. This project provided assistance in saving a lot of lives. The employees and associates of stream energy company are always enthusiastic about saving as many lives as possible. Recently, they have shifted their focus in helping Texas and Dallas. The company is not only enthusiastic in helping people in America but plans to spread the philanthropic spirit to the rest of the world at large.

Stream Energy Philanthropic Spirit

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