Susan McGallas Thoughts on Women in Leadership and the Importance of Executive Sponsorship

Women in leadership is a concept many large corporations try to implement it in their environments and found producing greater results. Companies with better gender-diversity showed 15% improved performance over other companies, per statistics. When it comes to ethnically diverse companies, it shows 35% improved performance. The detailed analysis showed that such companies are open to new ideas, and that makes them outperforming others. When it comes to the success story of women in corporate leadership, Susan McGalla is one of the few names that come to the mind of a large number of people.

Her career story is a perfect example of how capturing success from scratches. She began with American Eagle Outfitters in the year 1994 as an entry-level executive, she grew in the organization by competing mostly with men executives and became the firm’s Chief Merchandising Officer and President when she resigned from the company in 2009. In the next two years, she worked as a retail industry consultant before establishing her own P3 Executive Consulting, a financial advisory firm that focuses on both sell-side as well as buy-side analysis with a strong focus on retail industry.

McGalla thinks that women leadership initiatives are not providing promising results in improving women presence in the leadership levels of corporations. She thinks that though such initiatives are producing results, those are not in significant numbers, and still a large majority of the executive roles and decisions are taken by male counterparts. This is where McGalla thinks that Executive Sponsorship can be an answer to address the gender imbalance in the leadership levels. She says that women who are deeply committed to their career should find any decision making executive as their sponsor. Interestingly, these sponsors can put the women in lead projects and give them important assignments. Sponsorship and mentorship can help the organizations to improve their gender diversity.

Susan earned her graduation in Business and Marketing from the Mount Union College in 1982 before entering the retail industry. Currently, McGalla is collaborating as the VP of the famous NFL team, Pittsburgh Steelers, with responsibilities of Creative Development and Business Strategy. Find out more about Susan McGalla:

Susan McGallas Thoughts on Women in Leadership and the Importance of Executive Sponsorship

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