Talkspace Introduces Picture Messaging To Therapy

Therapists and clients can now send unlimited messages through online therapy with Talkspace confidentially and securely. Traditional therapy benefits are achieved without the scheduling or commuting. The platform’s major points of sale are the ability to afford it and convenience. Most users use text messaging but several also use the audio and video messaging services. Picture messaging is another format that a few people use with Talkspace.

The picture messaging has been compared to Snapchat only confidential. It allows users to express feeling visually. Therapist share in moments that are eventful and impact clients through the picture messages. Chandrika Mose, a therapist for Talkspace has had pictures of vacations. It helps to keep clients engaged in the therapy by making it more playful, creative and fun communication. Talkspace therapists will respond with photographs.

Some active app users will begin using the Talkspace platform for therapy again after a therapist sends them a picture message. Parts of in person therapy can be digitally mimicked through some of the applications of Talkspace. Worksheets can be assigned through the application to help clients with goals for mental health and feeling better. These are printed, filled out, photographed and sent back to the therapist.

Talkspace gives a new and unique perspective to therapy making it more comfortable and easier to afford for those who might otherwise not participate.

Talkspace Introduces Picture Messaging To Therapy

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