Taste and Health are In Your Dogs Future

I recently read an article about dog food companies and their innovative new way to create a better dog food. Each new dog food will have a new marketing display and refrigeration to keep the pet foods fresh. The article speaks about products that help the dogs become healthier. They also speak about the specific recipes that dog food companies are using to produce these new healthier choices. What was really funny was reading that the manufacturing chief was seen eating a bite of the dog food to show how good it really was. This was very impressive to many individuals because the feeling is if you will eat it then it must be good. The pet food distribution is expecting to reach more than 23 billion in the next year. The reasons are because foods such as Beneful are recreating their foods. Beneful is making healthier and tastier combinations for their pet owners to bring home to their pets. Older dogs can enjoy the new healthier food that not only helps with metabolism but also helps with digestion and the animal’s energy level. Beneful is also responsible for new chicken and rice puppy formulas, dental bones for treats, and soft foods that any dog will love. They use fresh meats such as real chicken, real salmon, and real beef in their products. The foods are full of healthy ingredients. Anyone that loves their pets as much as I love mine is going to be very happy knowing that their dogs are getting the best in nutrition. No more fillers just good healthy ingredients. Adding fruits such as blueberries and cranberries in the weight loss foods for your pet will help the pets to love the taste of the diet. The new “farm to table” initiative is helping to increase the sales and allow pet owners to have a say in their pet’s specialty blend. New foods and tastes such as beef Stroganoff will give your pets something wonderful to look forward to at meal-time. Purina and other companies are explaining the importance of good taste in the article. Taste and nutrition are the next big things to hit the dog food shelves and your refrigerator.


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