The Achievements Of Sheldon Lavin

One of the famous people in the food production Industry is Sheldon Lavin. He is the CEO of one of the top companies in the industry which is the OSI Group. He receives his fame from the impact he has pioneered for the company which has seen in its growth to compete in the global scene. He has done this by ensuring that everything that the company engages in works towards making the life’s of the people better. He is interested in developing the company to become a key player in the global food industry. Currently, OSI under his leadership leads as the food production business with operations across the globe in more than 60 locations.

Sheldon Lavin got into the meat industry in 1970 as the financial consultant of the Otto and Sons Company which would later become the OSI Group. During this time the company was not financially stable to expand internationally. With the help of Lavin, they sought to seek financial assistance in the financial crisis they were facing. Since Lavin was performing exceptionally well in this area, the bank suggested that he become stake owner to the company a plea which Lavin declined.


Even though Sheldon Lavin had declined the request to become a partner he continued to serve the corporations as a financial consultant up until the year 1975. It’s after Mr. Otto retired that Sheldon together with the sons of Otto decides to rebrand the company by giving it a new name OSI Group.

Lavin has managed to secure the corporation a reputation across all the continents due to his innovative leadership skills. The company continues to do so well in an industry that is faced with stiff competition. The financial gains and growth realized by the OSI Group are credited to none other than Sheldon Lavin. His hard work mainly in the global sustainability has earned the company numerous awards. Sheldon also received an award in 2016 known as the Global Visionary Awards due to his numerous achievements.

Sheldon Lavin says that he seeks to open up OSI Group to further expansion especially in Europe and Asia. With more than 55 facilities spread across the globe, he says that the sky is only the limit to their reach.

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The Achievements Of Sheldon Lavin

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