The Achievements That Sheldon Lavin Has Made Under Sheldon Lavin’s Leadership

The OSI Group is one of the world’s major suppliers of meat and meat products. When the company started out, they were just a small business outfit with their main client being McDonald’s. However, with the help of David McDonald, the business consultant who became a partner, they have managed to extend their reach to four continents and form partnerships with some of the best companies on the globe.

Part of the success that they have been enjoying can be attributed to the leadership they have at the top, especially the guidance of their current CEO, Sheldon Lavin. He also acts as the chairman to the group.

Currently, the company employs about 20,000 people globally. One of the things that Sheldon Lavin is proudest of is the corporate culture that he has managed to instill in their employees. The company’s culture is family oriented and they have very low rates of employee turnover. The management of the group believes that the most important part of the business is the employees because when the employee is treated right, the customer will always be satisfied.

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Before the company gained the name OSI Group, it was known as the Otto & Sons. In the 70’s, they were given the opportunity to build a meat processing plant to become the main supplier of hamburgers to McDonald’s. They took up the challenge under the guidance of Sheldon Lavin. He had been told to get a stake at Otto & Sons because it would be best for the business.

At first he declined because it was not part of his consultancy, but later, he agreed to have a stake in the business. He took up as much shareholding in the business as the Otto Family, and thus the decades long partnership started.

The company has expanded their reach to the Philippines, China, Australia, India and Japan. This adds on to the strong presence the company has had in Brazil and Europe. He has received many awards for his service and is also a respected leader. Sheldon Lavin is a Trustee of the McDonald’s House Charities, the President of Sheba House Charity and a Board Member at the Rush University Medical Center. He considers all OSI Group employees as members of his extended family.

The Achievements That Sheldon Lavin Has Made Under Sheldon Lavin’s Leadership

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