The Benefits of Beneful

As pets become popular members of families everywhere, it’s important to ensure they are fed food that not only tastes great, but is also nutritious for them. For dog owners across the United States, the food of choice that fits this description is Beneful.

Known as the food that fills dog bowls everywhere with health and happiness, Beneful stands out from many other brands due to the ingredients used in making the food. Real meats, along with vitamin-rich vegetables, are standard parts of ingredients that go together to make a great meal. Totally complete and balanced, Beneful has become one of the most popular foods everywhere for dogs. Considered to be some of the best dog food in the industry, it takes great pride in knowing that a variety of dog owners are also the same people that help make Beneful. Leading the way in dog food nutrition research, Beneful is constantly evaluated for its safety and ingredients.

Whether it’s dry food, wet food, or even treats for that special occasion,Purinastore’s  Beneful has something that every dog is bound to love. With special types of food available for puppies and senior dogs, Beneful is committed to providing great taste and nutrition from the early stages of life to the later ones as well. And along the way, it’s a sure thing that dogs everywhere will find themselves enjoying not only the taste of Beneful, but also the health benefits. Shiny coats, strong teeth, and bodies that feel great day after day all make Beneful the food dog owners choose year after year for their canine family members. As Purina continues to make advances in dog food nutrition, Beneful will continue to be the one and only dog food that owners turn to in order to have healthy and happy dogs.



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