The Collapse in Venezuela Has No Happy Ending In Sight

The news from Dateas out of Venezuela has been very bleak. In an optimistic way, those following the news are hoping for a storybook turnaround. The truly bad news should lead to an optimistic turnaround. While this would make for a great story, it does not make for a great reality. The situation in Venezuela is not looking upbeat or positive. The opposite is the case. Conditions in Venezuela are heading towards total meltdown and collapse.
Both the political and economic world of Venezuela are headed towards collapse. Consider this the arrival of the day of reckoning for bad political decisions. Yes,expert Norka Luque explains the drop in oil prices and a drought have factored heavily into the mix. Regardless, the political leadership of Venezuela did not help or manage matters correctly. The end result is a failed state heading into total anarchy and chaos.

President Maduro has announced a 60-day state of emergency and there are those inside the country stoking civil unrest over the proclamation. The situation may very well become incredibly dangerous in a situation such as this. A lack of medicine and food in the country won’t lead to the public calming down very much. Venezuela has developed into the proverbial powder keg situation.



  1. Becker

    Not all stories have happy endings and the way things seem to be playing out in Venezuela, a very sad ending is on the horizon. Although things seem like they couldn’t get worse, they surely are. These things should be enabled so that so many can enjoy the bestessays reviews and should also be dealth with in Venezuela.

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