The Entrepreneurship Journey Of Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is a graduate of Hofstra, Erasmus University. Beside Hofstra Erasmus University, Sam also graduated from Harvard. He ventured into the business industry where he landed his first career.

Later on, he managed to start his own company after joining his family’s real estate business. His firm, Metrik Real Estate is located in Florida. It has and is still growing into a big success. It deals in equity sourcing, acquisitions and development, and management of numerous properties. When he’s not at work, Samuel is an ambitious photographer. A chance to hear Samuel Strauch answer a few questions and you will get to know why he is a lucky business person.

The vision behind Metrik Holdings at the time was how immensely Miami was growing. It was becoming the ideal place to start a real estate company. Besides setting his firm in a perfect city like Miami, Samuel had also made International business relationships in Latin America, and this made him confident that he would succeed.

One of the critical strategies Samuel has employed to ensure Metrik Holdings is successful is the fact that he assures that he’s up to speed with technological advancements. His team is always looking up for possible investment opportunities. He, together with his team, tries to come up with projects that seek to satisfy the needs of the younger generation.

Samuel Strauch has personal success habits that make him productive. Among them is meditating a lot. To him, meditation enables him to relax his mind thus getting him more focus on his professional duties and also his endeavors. Each morning he sets aside time individually to reflect on and appreciate all that he has. This routine enables him to place his goals and embrace his curiosities.

Presently Samuel has set goals in place to ensure his company grows. His staff is always keen to identify new trends. It is evident that in a world that is continually evolving, keeping up with the trends is the only way to sustain a successful Company. Samuel asserts that they are eager to learn new techniques that people can be able to connect with owning property.

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The Entrepreneurship Journey Of Samuel Strauch

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