The Future Is Here: Visual Search With Slyce


Have you ever been walking down the street and see a pair of shoes or a jacket and think, man, I would love to have a pair like that? Have you or anyone you know ever stopped someone to ask where they bought their purse or shoes from only to find out that the person can’t remember where they bought it from? Frustrating isn’t it? Now, imagine that same scenario only this time you take a picture of it with your phone. Then, with the click of a button, you not only learn who designed it but also where it is available for purchase. Sound too good to be true? Well, the future is here my friends.

There are several companies out there who specialize in this type of visual recognition but the company that stands out from the rest is Slyce. They are front runners in the field of image recognition software and they have developed some pretty amazing tech that, not only introduces consumers to a new way to search for products that they are interested in but, quite possibly, change the way that we view the retail industry all together.

What is image recognition software you say? This is basically where a computer sees an image and is able to distinguish and pick out objects and people as well as buildings and is then able to take that data and use it to complete other tasks, such as an image search.

Slyce’s software works like this; you scan a bar code or take a picture of the item of interest, then the software extracts data and or attributes and finally, a comprehensive list of results is delivered straight to your phone. Simple, Right? But, what does that mean for real world application? Let’s look at it.

You can take a picture of, say, a shirt. Hit the button on your phone and almost instantly you have product information about that shirt, which companies offer that shirt and even other shirts for sale that look similar to it. You can also use that same program to look up information on a variety of other things and other products.

And it’s not just Slyce, there are many companies out there who utilize image recognition technology in other ways. Offering everything from image recognition apps for use on your mobile phone, to companies offering the image recognition APIs and algorithms for you to design your own apps. Some companies even offer their image recognition APIs and services to other companies to use. The possibilities and applications of this technology are limitless.

The Future Is Here: Visual Search With Slyce

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