The improvement of PoadcastOne by Norman Pattiz

Many broadcasting stations from across the world are rapidly adopting new technology to increase the content they provide their target audience. In doing so, they can improve the various content they broadcast to their listeners and as a result maintain their fan base and also reach potential audiences who may view the use of that technology as easy and convenient. One good example of such a company in the broadcasting industry is PoadcastOne.

Recently, PodcastOne was able to launch a new and exciting mobile software as a way of its continued upgrading of services that it offers its listeners. This new mobile feature is meant to improve and make the program services that the company provides more enjoyable to listen.

The software app that PodcastOne introduced can offer its listeners video features that captures a 360-degree video angle of the shows it broadcasts. In addition to this, the new mobile software has other interactive social purposes which help its users to engage more with each other.

The new application can get downloaded from Apple’s Application Store or Google Play Store. This application cost nothing hence its free download for everyone. After downloading it, users will have the chance to watch a variety of shows they like and also be able to discuss various things about each of the show they listened to or watched ( In addition to all this, the app also allows one to access numerous articles and beautiful photos which one cannot find elsewhere on different internet platforms.

Another important feature that the new application has is its messaging platform that allows its users to answer personal messages directed to them by other users. This feature can also be used to conduct surveys and a reward system that gives users points for its use. When one accumulates a certain number of points, they can transfer them to friends or redeem them by upgrading some premium features available from the app. Learn more:

The person that has been able to facilitate this rapid advancement of PoadcastOne in adopting and changing with technology is Norman Pattiz. He is the founding father of PoadcastOne and as such be the man behind its success and rapid advancement.

Mr. Pattiz gets credited for being the one who also founded Westwood One, which is another unique broadcasting network that also provides news, sports, talk shows as well as entertainment shows. His career is marred with all sorts of success in the radio broadcasting industry, and many credit him for having chaired the Broadcasting Board of Governors successfully for to terms in a row.


The improvement of PoadcastOne by Norman Pattiz

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