The Innovative & Inspiring Eric Pulier – Former CEO of ServiceMesh

Founded in 2008, technology company ServiceMesh offered businesses an enterprise cloud management platform. The technology provides on-demand, self-service IT operating models.

ServiceMesh has received thru two separate rounds of financing, north of $15MM. As of 2013 the technology company was acquired by CSC. The appeal of ServiceMesh came from the technology providing real proven results. When leveraging the various product offerings of ServiceMesh, businesses could suddenly more quickly act on the constant technology changing requirements need in our world today. The ability to quickly adapt has reduced the overall costs for delivering information technology services to the business. One of the founders of ServiceMesh was Eric Pulier.

When you contemplate the word success it will conjure many different thoughts for many different people. Bringing innovation into this world is truly a special feat. I recently have had the opportunity to learn about Eric Pulier. This man is filled with entrepreneurial sprit. Some would argue that you do not become an entrepreneur. To be an entrepreneur is within your DNA. Eric Pulier is a clear example of this. With humble beginnings in Teaneck, New Jersey, Eric started writing software when he was only in the fourth grade of elementary school. His deep seeded passion for knowledge continued to expand. By the time he was in High School Eric already started his own database computer company. When I learn about people who built a trajectory for success in the early infancy of childhood and teen years, I am deeply inspired.

By the end of High School Eric was already enrolled in classes at the prestigious Harvard University and undoubtedly the most recognized technology school in the world, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Cutting edge technology research continues to flow out of this institution each year.

Allow me to now fast forward a few years further. Eric found a calling in Los Angeles, California. He packed bags from the East and found himself suddenly among the beautiful Southern California coastlines filled with palm trees and incredible sandy beaches. When you have a spirit like Eric your creativity continues to expand in many different directions. In 1991, Eric founded an organization named People Doing Things (PDT). The organization addresses a broad range of topics including: education, health-care, and various other issues through innovative technologies.

I prefer not to continue discussing this amazing mans entire career but I will say that in addition to bringing on-going aid to children and people in need, he also donated tremendous amounts of investment by donating to a multitude of non for profit organizations. Eric continues to seek out new startups within the technology industry. He is an active VC (venture capitalist). Many of these early startups he invested seed money, and the companies later went on to receiving large financing rounds. Eric holds many different titles and roles on this planet. An entrepreneur, philanthropist, educator, investor, but also on the most human level, a loving husband and father to four beautiful children.

The Innovative & Inspiring Eric Pulier – Former CEO of ServiceMesh

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