The Key to Keeping Employees Satisfied

One of the harsh realities of owning or running any size business is that employees sometimes leave without reason or notice. All business owners know how rates of employee turnover can be a massive headache. Firstly, it is a very expensive process to keep up with. Not only does a new employee have to be found, the training must also be repeated. Each time a new employee is put through the hiring process, it is another investment that the company is making. If the company is experiencing high rates of employee turnover, then the investments are risky, but necessary. The focus should become how employers can decrease these rates of turnover. Darius Fisher of Status Labs answers this question in an article featured in Forbes magazine, as well as

To Fisher, the overall determining factor in determining the rates of turnover is employee satisfaction as a whole. If the employees are satisfied, then they are much more likely to stick around. However, if there are high rates of dissatisfaction being experienced, then a company will inevitably experience the feared high turnover rates. In his article, Fisher recognizes 3 steps that he personally uses to increase employee satisfaction in an attempt to reduce turnover rates. First, Fisher recommends creating incentives for employees in the form of goals. This way the employees will feel they have a personal gain from the company’s growth. In addition, Fisher mentions that these accomplishments need to be recognized by the employers. Nobody likes to work hard and have it go unnoticed. Lastly, Darius Fisher states that employees are most satisfied when they feel as though they are a part of the company, so inclusivity is an important aspect to reach with the employees.

Darius Fisher is the co founder and CEO of Status Labs, a new, growing company with a unique vision. Status Labs are known as an online reputation management company. Essentially, Status Labs works with their clients to ensure that the online presence represents their most authentic, truthful and prominent characteristics. In a world where all information is found online, a company or individual’s online reputation may mean the difference between a successful business and a failure. Darius Fisher recognized this importance and started one of the first company’s of its kind.

Status Labs has headquarters in Austin, Texas. Since its founding, Fisher has increased his team as well as his clientele base. Now, Status Labs works with hundreds of clients in over 35 countries around the globe. These clients include high profile individuals as well as Fortune 100 and 500 companies. There is no client too big or small that Status Labs won’t work with. However, Fisher makes it clear that they do adhere to a moral standard to not cover up anything they would feel uncomfortable doing so. The business isn’t about hiding the bad, but rather making the good stand out.

The Key to Keeping Employees Satisfied

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