The King of Investments

Banyan Hill Publishing is a well known and expertly operated investment blog site that is dedicated to providing readers with the support they need to find the right investment choices. Being able to locate and identify the right investment is not only important in the modern day world, it is a necessary, especially considering the recent state of the economy and the uncertainty of where the government in the United States is going to turn as debt continues to mount. Banyan Hill, alongside its many contributors, is a one stop show of investment content, and who better to lead the charge to knowledge then Banyan’s own Matt Badiali. Visit the website to learn more.

Matt Badiali has a very interesting and extensive personal biography. Not only is he an investment wizard, he is an intelligent and respected educator and world traveler. He has spread his knowledge of investment choices and opportunity to the far reaches of the globe, reaching such obscure locations as Papua New Guinea as well as local neighbors such as Mexico. Everywhere that Matt Badiali journeys he leaves behind more and more individuals who place their time and money on the sage advice that he gives. His background as an adult educator, working as a professor at the university back in the states, also speaks of his character and his clout. Learn more about Matt Badiali at Crunchbase.

One of the more involved projects that Matt Badiali has been involved in recently is his resurgence of the old idea known as freedom checks. The concept of freedom checks is decades old and focuses how it works on taking advantage of Statute 26-F, which makes it federally possible to avoid paying taxes on certain forms of investment. Statute 26-F simply states that if a company or corporation earns a minimum of 90% of its income from oil and gasoline sales that they can opt to payout funds to shareholders without having to pay taxes on a single dime of the funds they pay out. This is not only great news for shareholders in such companies but is also an ideal solution in how these employers can pay dividends and benefits to their employees.

Freedom checks, from Matt Badiali, has affirmed, will revolutionize the way that Americans save and grow their money. Without the worry of hated taxes leeching from funds shareholders have more to play with and a lot more cash to fall back on when they do decide to retire.


The King of Investments

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