The Life and Success of Frans Schoeman

Law is an interesting career as it entails helping people in solving their legal problems. Lawyers are therefore expected to be well read and skillful in arguing their client’s cases before a court of law or a tribunal. Various countries have different legal systems but one thing that is common in all these countries is that there are lawyers who represent people before judges and magistrates. Apart from representing clients in court, lawyers can also work in organizations such as companies where they act as in house attorneys giving legal advice to the management and the board as well as drafting and signing documents on behalf of the company.

Frans Schoeman on crunchbase is a prominent lawyer who is based in South Africa who started his law practice in 1990 immediately after completing his higher education at University of the Free State where he graduated with a bachelor’s in law degree. He founded a law firm by the name Jourbert Schoeman Attorney in partnership with Helene Jourbert. He has from then worked for various companies in various positions. This has seen him establish his name as one of the most prominent and respected lawyers in South Africa.

Due to his experience in the field, Frans is skilled in various areas of law such as legal writing, mergers and acquisition, civil litigation, arbitration, due diligence, corporate law and negotiation among others. He also has interest in other areas that he deals with when he is not working. These include politics, education, environment, children, science and technology as well as human rights. He is also a member of Law Society of South Africa which is a society of lawyers who practice law in South Africa. He is fluent both in spoken and written English and Afrikaans which are the two main languages in South Africa.

Apart from being a senior partner in his law firm, Frans also works in other organizations such as Phatsima Diamond Corporation where he is the managing director since March 2005. His main role includes the day to day inspection of a mining concession in Angola. He also works as a legal director at TG Minister Consulting since February 2010 where he inspects mergers and acquisition of the company with other firms as well as any other legal issue that may arise. In 2006, he took another job at Phatsima Diamond as the managing director as well as a director.

He is also a senior partner at his firm as earlier mentioned since is one of the founder. His firm has made a name for itself for the professionalism it uses in handling the clients. It offers a number of services in different areas of law to its clients such as insolvency, intellectual property, environmental law, medical law and compliance, debt recovery, family law, labor law, insurance law and property transfers among many others. The firm has also employed a number of attorneys who have knowledge in various areas of law who assist clients in a very professional way. The firm is well known for conducting transactions worth millions of rand such as an arbitration award that was awarded to their client worth R120 million.

The Life and Success of Frans Schoeman

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