The non-silicon valley startup that is going viral among parents and teachers

Sam Chaudhary came to Palo Alto on a 90-day tourist visa back in the summer of 2011. He wanted to launch an educational technology startup. He and his co-founder Liam Don started from scratch because the pesky issue of what that startup would be like remained. Chaudhary told the business insider that in their first week in California, they started reaching out to teachers. They shared a little room in Palo Alto, and they were working and sleeping in opposite corners of the same room. Their visas expired, and they went back to the UK and but they did not stop asking the most important question to educators: “what is the worst part of teaching?”


They together developed an application called ClassDojo. It is an application that is used by parents, teachers, and students to connect within the classroom. The app is used in two-thirds of the schools across the nation. According to Lindsay McKinley, the head of communication at ClassDojo, the app is used in 180 countries all over the world. The application was downloaded by more than 500,000 people every day during last summer’s back to school timeframe. The application is available via the Apple store and Google play. It functions like a social media community where the parents can see the student’s schoolwork through the videos and photos that are uploaded by the teachers. Lindsay McKinely also says that the application has been downloaded by millions of users globally, but she declined to give the specific number due to competitive advantages. The application provides a good communication network between teachers, parents, and students creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools.


ClassDojo is an app that creates a connection between students and their parents, and this helps to build amazing classroom communities. With the application, teachers give students positive and encouraging feedback and remarks. The feedback goes a long way into empowering the students to do much better.


ClassDojo raised 21 million dollars in the second series of venture funding for technology that helps connect teachers to parents and helps them to communicate regularly and consistently about student’s activities and social development. ClassDojo is just a communication platform that creates wonderful classroom experience for both the students and parents. Class Dojo’s mission is to empower teachers, parents and students to change education from the ground up in every class worldwide. This made the company one of the fastest growing educational technology companies and it is loved by millions of students, teachers, and parents all over the world.

The non-silicon valley startup that is going viral among parents and teachers

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