The Rise of Gourmet Pet Food Keeps Pets Healthy

The market for speciality food is on the rise. Not to be left out, pet owners are looking for more specialized food for their furry freinds as well. Gourmet pet food has been around for several decades, with brands offering food with real salmon and chicken since the early 90’s, but pet food has gotten more specialized since then.

Pet owners are concerned about the health and diet of their pets, and that is evident in the amount of major brands who offer more gluten free and specialized diet friendly food for pets. Some pet brands even focus on gourmet pet food that looks and tastes like the food that humans eat. Mars Ceaser’s Home Delights offers a line of dog food that is model after beef stroganoff and lasangna, and sells it with the tag line “He’ll have what your having”.

On a recent tour of thier Bethlahem, PA factory, Freshpet owner cut off a slice of their Chunky Checken and Turkey Reciepe and ate it straight off the manufacturing line, commenting that it tasted “just like Thanksgiving”. While it’s not clear whether or not dogs and cats have the same kind of sophisticated palates as humans, the rise in gourmet pet food does have some pretty substaintial health benefits.

It was not too long ago that pet food was simply pet food, and your dog had a choice of brand, but there was no such thing as lean or alergy friendly pet food. If your dog needed a special diet, it often meant working with your pet’s vet to learn how to make specialized pet food at home. Now brands like Purina offer spcecial lines of pet food, like Purinastore’s Beneful brand that are designed to help make sure that your pet gets the right food so that they stay healthy and happy. offers a specialized line of dog food that is based on your pet’s age and diet needs. The nutritionists at Beneful have worked with vets and veternary scientists to create tasty, flavorful food that your pet will want to eat and will help them live a happy healthy life.

Beneful is available on Amazon :


The Rise of Gourmet Pet Food Keeps Pets Healthy

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