The Success Of Lime Crime Cosmetics

The cosmetics industry is one of the most popular and profitable industries today. Billions are spent every year and the hopes of enhancing one’s appearance is truly obtainable. Did you know that many of your favorite cosmetic products are full of chemical additives?

That’s right! There are many types of harmful sulfates in these products which has the potential to cause acne and dry skin. This approach is a bit outdated as there is a new king of the hill in the 21st Century.

Lime Crime is the company/brand and it has been making waves throughout the industry over the past few years. The products stand out when being compared to other brands such L’Oréal, MAC, or Maybelline. This brand is 100% certified vegan as well as animal cruelty-free.

Instead focusing on the just the basic primary colors of the spectrum, this exclusive brand uses it’s own blend as creations or works of art. Check out some of the color tones below:

  • Wicked (deep red)
  • Red Velvet
  • Black Velvet
  • Cement (gray)
  • Bleached (dull pink)
  • Fetish
  • Utopia
  • Pink (hot pink)
  • And many more

Founder Doe Deere created this line as a reflection of her very own personal style. Being more of a niche, the brand filled this open gap and sales began to skyrocket. There is no discrimination either as female and males wear these bold, intense colors on a regular basis.

Beauty Bay said that the face of beauty is no longer the same as Lime Crime gives expression a whole new meaning. The Velvetines Collection is the brand’s flagship model with it’s liquid matte finish. Velvetines do what other lipsticks can’t and that’s by going on smooth, are touch proof, kiss proof, and last for many hours. According to Urban Outfitter, The deep pigmented colors are a blessing as well as a change of pace from the norm and Lime Crime is definitely the brand to beat in the coming years.

The Success Of Lime Crime Cosmetics

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