The Tenure of Shaygan Kheradpir in Coriant Solutions Limited

Shaygan Kheradpir is an experienced and skilled entrepreneur. He started his career in 1987 when he was employed by the GTE Labs. In GTE, Kheradpir has responsibilities such as control of network systems, general management, and network routing.

Kheradpir commitments and dedications in this firm impressed his seniors, and he was promoted to be the Chief Information Officer of the same Company. In GTE, he invented new products and deals, a scenario that earned him fame and respect in the firm. He also served as the president of Verizon business venture in 2000.

He is an experienced graduate who specializes in electrical engineering. He pursued his high education at Cornell University. In his lifetime, he has also worked with Juniper Networks. In Juniper Networks, he contributed to the developments and establishments of other networks that served for the benefit of clients.

Kheradpir hit the limelight of his career when he was appointed as the CEO of Coriant Solutions Limited. Coriant Solutions Limited has managed to gain many clients across the entire world. The Company provides solutions associated with network issues to more than one hundred countries globally.

His appointment as the Coriant Solutions’ president pushed Mr. DiPietro to serve as the vice chairperson of the Company. Mr. DiPietro disclosed out that Kheradpir was working in close association with Coriant Solutions being the Senior Operating Officer of Marlin Equity Partners.

Currently, Mr. DiPietro who serves as the Operating Partner of Marlin Partners stated that Kheradpir’s expertise and skills in the networking system will help developments and growth of Coriant Solutions into another level.

DiPietro also added that Mr. Shaygan technological know-how on engineering systems will contribute to improving the Companies systems to cope with the emerging trends in mobile systems such as the 4G and the 5G networks.

Shaygan expressed his gratitude’s to the entire fraternity of Coriant Solutions for signing him. Kheradpir said that he would work to the best of his knowledge to enhance a sustainable growth of solutions.

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In conclusion, CEO Shaygan has greatly influenced the growth and technological changes in the capital market and the mobile network services. His skills and expertise have significantly contributed to the market flexibility.

The Tenure of Shaygan Kheradpir in Coriant Solutions Limited

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