Top Investment Banking and Brokerage Firm: Laidlaw & Company

Among the top investment banking and brokerage firm in New York is Laidlaw investment firm which was founded in the year 1842. The firm specializes in investment banking and wealth management services. With its leadership on stopbrokerfraud and team of professionals, the firm has risen to become one of the very best investment banking firms in the United States. The services that are provided by Laidlaw & Company are such as capital raising, finance requisition, balance sheet optimization, financial restructuring, investment advisory services, financial planning, portfolio management, equity placement, divestitures and initial public offerings. The company on 800 notes on is led by Matthew D. Eitner as its Chief Executive Officer, Craig Bonn as its Senior Managing Director and Hugh Regan as its Managing Partner and Head of Capital Markets.

Its client base are basically corporates, institutional investors and individuals. The main purpose of institutional investors in Laidlaw & Company investment banking firm is for the creation of mezzanine capital that is key to their growth and development. The firm’s employs a team of well-experienced professionals who are well versed in matters to do with investment banking and wealth management. Laidlaw entered in the New York Stock Exchange in the year 1878, and according to the New York Stock Exchange, Laidlaw makes about $25to $50 million in one financial year.

The firm has diversified its services since its inception in the year 1842. Recently, the firm on ventured into the mining sector by offering investment banking and capital markets strategy. More details about the firm’s services, the sectors it covers, how to join the company and about its achievements over the years can be accessed through LinkedIn offers more information about the company’s profile and a detailed review of what the firm offers in terms of services and products. One can also get in touch with Laidlaw through its offices that are based in London, Stamford, Boston, Melville and Fort Lauderdale.


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