US Money Reserve Safeguarding Your Assets

One of the great challenges of our day is handling the market reaction to huge political changes like the recent exit of the UK from the Eurozone, often referred to as Brexit. The Brexit took many optimistic liberals by surprise, as it spelled the end of the dream of a unified European continent. Brexit came as a surprise because investors were not prepared for it. That is why US Money Reserve wants to help you be prepared for the next major political change.

Sadly, the UK is not the only country that is engaging in financial unpredictability. Although long touted as the center of the world, the United States is not behaving well on the fundamentals of financial accountability. Although official government treasury interest rates are below 1% a year, non-government economists have used price indexes to estimate real inflation is 5-8% a year. This means that every year, your paper dollar bill is becoming 5% less valuable.

US Money Reserve knows that gold is a stable asset that holds constant value compared to other commodities over time. 1 ounce of gold 100 years ago could buy you a garage full of corn. 1 ounce of gold today can still buy you a garage full of corn. The same is not true of the equivalent amount of paper money. US Money Reserve wants all of its customers to have something that does not decay over time. US Money Reserve is led by former United States Mint Director Phillip Diehl, so they are well acquanted with the behaviors of the government and how to protect yourself from them. Brexit and political chaos necessitates that wise investors prepare for the next major financial calamity. What better way to prepare than stocking up on gold?

Gold has been used as money for thousands of years. It was only recently when school boy economists banged their heads together to decide how they could manipulate the money supply by using paper. Gold is the money of choice for those who understand the times. The Brexit Gold coin was released to symbolically remind investors of the importance of buying gold when times are tough. Loading up on precious metals can help safeguard your hard earned money for the next generation, with total protection from currency inflation. Though the government octopuses may not like you to know it, the time is short for paper currencies. All great nations come to an end, as was shown with ancient Rome. Make sure that you and your portfolio do not end with it. Stock up on the Brexit gold coin and other fine precious metals from US Money Reserve.

US Money Reserve Safeguarding Your Assets

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