WhatsApp to be Released Free in Spain by FreedomPop

FreedomPop has announced its newest plan to draw in customers: granted access to the WhatsApp. The WhatsApp is a messaging app that doesn’t affect a user’s data allowance, which is its most attractive feature. FreedomPop is a mobile network provider who offers free sim cards with basically free phone plans, so this step seems like the next logical one. The first release of this app’s free access will be in Spain.

This Los Angeles based company was founded in 2011 and has built up its mobile offering by giving away talk, text, and data in hopes to upsell their competitors. The company went international with its release in the UK in September and has been growing ever since. Another nice new feature is the free roaming in 31 countries. Since it has gone international, Spain represents its third largest market.

WhatsApp has a large market too with almost a billion users already registered to this FaceBook owned company. Other companies have offered this app free, but not all countries have welcomed it. India banned the app with their “net neutrality” law, citing its preferential treatment to some over others. The Spain launch is important because it is the first network not to fully use this app. FreedomPop and WhatsApp hopes this launch will drawn in the customers needed.

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WhatsApp to be Released Free in Spain by FreedomPop

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