Whitney Wolfe: Bumble, an app to empower women

Would you like to see an app that brings women together? What about an app that lets all women know they are beautiful and that the Hollywood portrayal of women is fake? Such an app does exist and is in production as we speak. It is an app that will speak to how powerful women are and how they can band together to help each other bring that perception to the world.

The founder, Whitney Wolfe, along with her partners and heads of creative, Erin Foster and Sara Foster, are cast members of the show “Barely Famous”, where they poke fun at the life of women in Hollywood. They teamed up to create an app that started of as a dating app but later morphed into an app created by women for women. Men have not been excluded from the app. It is also an invitation for men who appreciate women and who can stand beside a strong, powerful woman with pride.

The app is called “Bumble”. The CEO, Whitney Wolfe and her heads of creative, Erin and Sara Foster, are ready to sit down and bounce ideas off each other. The idea is to let viewers see the real lives of Hollywood women. They want people to know that it is all scripted and airbrushed. “We want to make people laugh and be honest. We firmly believe in letting women know, ‘hey, this is all fake’. We want to work to make women feel better,” Erin said of the Hollywood scene. They want to empower women to know that they are no different than those they see portrayed on the television screen and that they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

Bumble is now in its production stage but is currently available to be downloaded. For the rest of 2017, Whitney Wolfe and her heads of creative will be working on the ins and outs of Bumble and it is scheduled to be fully completed and updated in 2018.

Bumble will create an atmosphere where a discussion can be started to aid in the advancement of women. Women are still trying to prove that can do anything a man can do. Even though it has been proven time and time again, women are still socially and financially considered inferior to men. In a recent article on AAUW.org, , as of 2016, women are still only being paid 80% of what men are paid to do the same job.

To learn more about the Bumble app please visit http://fortune.com/2017/11/14/bumble-dating-app/.

Whitney Wolfe:  Bumble, an app to empower women

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