Why OSI Industries Bought Dutch Food Maker Baho Foods

OSI Industries, LLC, is a company in the food industry. It is headquartered at 1225 Corporate Blvd, Aurora, Illinois. It is a privately held company which is ranked by Forbes as the 58th largest such company in America. It’s three main competitors are Cargill Meat Solutions Corp, Tyson Foods, Inc., and JBS S/A.

The chief executive officer of OSI Industries is Sheldon Lavin who is also the chairman of the board and the owner. The other top leader is David Mcdonald who is OSI Industries president and chief operating officer. This is a global company which has local management offices in many different nations such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, China, and more. They sell processed food to their clients which includes major restaurant chains as well as large grocery chains which sell OSI Industries food as their own store brand.

At OSI Industries, while they are one of the biggest players in the global food processing industry, they’re also not a corporate behemoth. Sheldon Lavin says that he developed a family-like atmosphere at his company that, while that wouldn’t work for some other companies, is perfect for his. He says they’re willing to hire anyone from an experienced professional in the industry to someone just out of college and needs to get their first job. Many employees decided to spend their entire careers advancing careers at OSI Industries, such as David McDonald who has done so.

The leadership of OSI Industries made some important acquisitions in 2016. David McDonald spearheaded the effort to acquire Baho Foods, a Dutch food processing company. The deal included their operating plants in both the Netherlands and Germany as well as all five of their subsidiaries, among them Q Smart Life and Vital Convenience. This company had been in existence for about 60 years and had customers in 18 European nations.

When talking about why his company bought Baho Foods, David McDonald said that the purchase gave OSI Industries a broader presence in Europe. He also said that their products and brands meshed very well with what OSI Industries offers to its clients.

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Why OSI Industries Bought Dutch Food Maker Baho Foods

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