Why Waiakea Water is Outstanding in the Crowed Industry

Today, there are numerous water companies and Waiakea is one unique company of all the others. Waiakea is based in Hawaii. This company goes to exceptional measures to make sure that their water is the best you can ever have. This is both in terms of quality and health benefits. Ever since the company was established in 2012, it has been raising the ranks to one of the most liked water brands in the country.

Waiakea volcanic water

Waiakea Hawaii volcanic water is one of this company’s most coveted offerings. This water has been filtered through Hawaiian volcanic rocks, 14,000 feet through the Mauna Loa volcano. This natural filtering makes Waiakea’s water pH very admirable. Volcanic water benefits include:

– Boosted electrolytes and minerals content.

– Improves the strength of bone structures.

– Enhances the radiance skin, nails, and hair.

– Enhances blood flow.

These among other reasons are why the masses are going ‘crazy’ about the Waiakea Hawaii volcanic water.

Waiakea’s commitment to environmental preservation

This water company stands out among other water companies through it’s strong commitment to ecological conservation. Waiakea recently launched degradable plastic bottles for packaging its water. Now the company holds the mantle for having the first fully degradable plastic bottles in the world. The unique bottles will full degrade in 15 years. These degradable bottles are expected to go beyond the water industry and get adopted by other companies that use plastic packaging. In addition to this, the company makes lots of contributions to environment preservation NGOs all around the globe.

Community improvement programs

Waiakea commits part of its revenue to improving local communities both locally and internationally. The firm’s most notable effort has been in Malawi. In this program, Waiakea offers clean water donations to remote Malawian communities for every liter of their water bought.

The company was recently named in America’s 500 fastest growing companies. With these certain steps in the right direction, Waiakea future on the global platform is bright.


Why Waiakea Water is Outstanding in the Crowed Industry

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