Wikipedia Editing for Beginners

Wikipedia has been up and running for over a decade and since its launch it has steadily worked its way into the public’s zeitgeist. Wikipedia is a millennial answer to any question and one of the most important resources on the internet. With over 20 million pages of data, thousands of editors, and the constant need to improve information there will always be work needed done. That is why Wikipedia service on getyourwiki outsources their editing to volunteer contributors. These contributors keep the website up and running by keeping the content fresh, on point, and accurate. Let’s take a look at a day in the life of a typical Wikipedia editor.

Start With the User Page
For new editors on Wikipedia there is very little reason to go anywhere but the User Page. The User Page can be considered the garage for Wikipedia editors. Here editors can learn the ins and outs of what it takes to formulate content while getting help from more experienced users. The editing area is a large gray or white box that can be manipulated via keyboard and once an article is ready for publishing it can happen directly from that page. Starting out on the User Page is a rock solid way to get familiar with the open source system.

Edit the Small Details
On Wikipedia there are no jobs too small to be done. Wikipedia frequently has website wide initiatives that they use to get writers to focus on specific aspects of editing. A recent initiative involved pruning the punctuation mistakes that were plentiful on the website. These small editing jobs are just as important as the big jobs in the long run and way easier to get done when they are found. Simply address the issue, type the reason for the edit, and submit it.

Avoid Personal Bias
Wikipedia operates under the Neutral Point of View method which requires all of their writers to avoid presenting their own biases. These biases can show through the type of language the editor uses even if they don’t outright praise/dismiss the content. This same rule, simplified to the NPOV rule, can be applied to creating personal Wiki pages. Editors should never consider adding their own personal pages to Wikipedia. If they believe the content to be notable and worth adding then they should seek out a third party service, such as Get Your Wiki, in order to make it happen.

Wikipedia Editing for Beginners

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